The following are samples of artwork at the Kotare Art Studio Gallery in Greytown. Some works may have already sold or are out of stock. Please call by the Gallery to see what is available or check on the
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Niko Thomsen (Carterton)

Metal Sculptor

After finishing a bachelor of arts at “the freie kunststudienstätte” Ottersberg, near Bremen in Germany, Niko was living in his studio/workshop. He took on creative construction work during the daytime, while at night running the “Axolotl bar with dancing”, a community arts center, gallery and 16mm cinema.

After visiting New Zealand in 1996 and 1997 Niko moved here permanently in 1999, established himself as a working artist, exhibiting regularly, and accepting many varied commissions.

Sue Shore designs and individually handcrafts New Zealand inspired jewellery. She mainly works in silver but sometimes incorporates gold into her creations.

Sue learned her jewellery making skills at Inverlochy Art School and now teaches ‘Making Jewellery with Sue Shore‘ at Alfred Memelink’s Artspace Gallery in Petone. Her jewellery is now sold at a number of galleries and design stores throughout New Zealand.

Sue Shore (Wairarapa)


Mark has been living and working in Eketahuna since 1980 where he has establisheda large studio workshop and gallery.

He has had over 20 solo exhibitions in galleries throughout New Zealand including Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Palmerston North, Whangarei, and Masterton, and has been part of many group shows.

Mark Dimock (Eketahuna)

Mixed Media Sculptor

Sandra is a local artist, best known for her New Zealand bird and tree paintings, owls, Anthropomorphic Steampunk Characters and the occasional abstract.  She is an artist member and friend of The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art and History and the popular local art club Wai Art.  Sandra is also the founder of Kotare Art Studio + Gallery and works onsite most days of the week.  And while she adores owls (Ruru in particular), Kotare is the bird she sees most often and her studio is named after it.

Sandra Wong (Greytown)


HJeannie from Left-Field Torsos began making sculptures back in 2007, using hollow manikins and after much experimenting with different mediums including concrete, had an "eureka," moment and thought I have all these old comic books and music sheets lying around - why not make papier-mâché torsos?

Each torso is created from scratch, the hollow body is built up with layers of glued paper, then a decorative top layer is added, finished with several coats of lacquer - comic books, music sheets, world maps - the design possibilities are endless and each torso is unique.

Jeannie Hancock (Wairarapa)


Ian is a painter of paintings some describe as quirky, surreal and full of humour. Ian's work reflects society’s dichotomy between spiritual conjecture and materialist obsessions. …hehe…not really…it is really a mash up of anything that appeals on the day but particularly 50’s sci fi, antique toys and anything retro. Ian's challenge is putting all those things into one cohesive painting.

Born in Wellington, a professional artist who tutored in the past for the Wellington Art Club. Annette moved to the Wairarapa in 2007 making her home in Carterton. Annette won the 2007 Wairarapa Review V - Aratoi Museum of Arts and History, Masterton. Her work is represented in both private and museum collections in New Zealand and Internationally.

Ian Chapman (Masterton)


Annette Dunnage-Roy

Painter and printmaker

Nicki has been painting with wax for the past 10 years, her choice of material dictated by the desire to find a sustainable painting medium.  The layering of hot wax and dama resin with other natural drawing materials creates an enigmatic depth and translucency in the work, a luminosity not available in other mediums, "the Alchemy between the materials and the process itself forms the basis of my work with its inherent evolving vocabulary."

Nicki has received several awards for her work and regularly teaches encaustic painting workshops locally and elsewhere around the country.

Nicki Stewart (Featherston)

Encaustic Artist

Foxbox Guitars are made in Greytown by Alan Galbraith. They are individually handcrafted instruments with a distinctive sound and character.  The boxes are often found pieces or purpose built, with parts salvaged from other instruments or purchased new.  The necks are hand made from quality timbers, correctly scaled, fretted and intonated. Alan has a long association with Kiwi music, as a musician and record producer.  By his own admission, he is a guitar freak with an abiding love of both sound, look and feel of all things stringed.

Alan Galbraith (Greytown)

Cigar box guitar maker

I have been painting and drawing all of my life, more seriously for the past 17 years, with 7 solo exhibitions. Apart from drawing the Lost Toys card series, I enjoy painting landscapes and still-lifes. Recurring images of large bear or bird-like creatures; dreams and memories sometimes appear in my paintings. My works are painted expressively with an emphasis on emotional impact rather than strict realism. I have recently made Greytown my new home and enjoy discovering and painting Wairarapa's rugged coastlines, cloudscapes and the Tararuas. Not to mention the beautiful fruit!

Janet Atkinson (Greytown)


Acevedo joined Weta in 1998 and has worked on many of the company's most famous projects, including all three Lord of the Rings films, King Kong, Avatar and the Hobbit trilogy. His personal works are based on subjects he finds cool and intriguing, usually with a strong tie to nature.

"I have always had a passion for nature and movie monsters! I have been very fortunate in making a career in creating characters and creatures for some of the biggest movie blockbusters. Now I would like to share my own creations with you."


John Casey established Silver Image Photography - Greytown in 1990 after working as senior photographer for Victoria University of Wellington.

"I am set up to cover a wide range of photographic assignments, I use film cameras up to 5" x 4" as well as digital services.  I enjoy working  in close collaboration with my clients to achieve mutually desired results."

Tony took up woodwork after retiring from the New Zealand Army, as he felt he needed a hobby.

He bought a second-hand lathe and enrolled at the New Zealand Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson. He has since tried his hand at chair-making, embossing, ornamental patterning, intarsia and ukulele making. He decided to try wigstands after seeing them made at the Wairarapa guild -- and, before long, was making two to three a week.

Gino Acevedo (Wairarapa)

Multimedia Artist

John Casey (Carterton)


Tony Waygood (Greytown)


Karyn is a busy Mum with a busy family life and works from home. She is a self taught potter and popular stall holder at the Martinborough Fair. Karyn has been potting for 26 years. She makes a selection of hand sculpted pottery suitable for home and garden. All pieces are unique; glazed and fired to very high temperatures in an electric kiln. Her inspiration comes from her garden, her children and she is often found creating new things. Her pottery ranges from quirky owls and toadstools to exquisite paua shells, torsos and dresses.

Karyn McCullough (Stratford)


I paint in both oils and acrylics and must use intense colours! A challenge by my long time tutor and friend, Jane Sinclair, to paint in the style of the Scottish Colourists with their glorious colours, looser brush strokes and subtle modulation of light and shade, have led me to where I am today. I paint still-life with deep intense colours; pears are a special favourite and landscapes inspired by the glorious colours of David Hockney. Painting is my joy, great love and addiction. The journey of an artist is a huge adventure. Come on it with me.

Jane Duncan (Masterton)


Jeremy is a well known local wood turner and furniture maker, specialising in traditional wooden chairs and stools (rockers, occasional, dining, office) using locally sourced timber which he seasons himself. He is happy to take on commissions to suit different needs.

Jeremy Bicknell (Carterton)

Furniture maker

Leslie Wong (Greytown)


The late Leslie Wong was an incredibly talented, self taught photographer with a natural eye for composition, colour and light. He was old school with a great appreciation of non-doctored  images. He enjoyed photographing local Wairarapa scenes, coastlines and our big sky country with its moody, ever changing light. He was a popular member of the Wairarapa Camera Club and was always surprised and humbled that people liked his photographs. It is with this honour that Kotare Art has continued to show Leslie's work.

Viv Walker (Carterton)

Multimedia artist

Viv is a designer, illustrator and fine artist who enjoys working with a variety of mediums and diverse subjects.  Art Nouveau, realism, expressive ink work; an emphasis on design, narrative and sometimes a dash of whimsy, informs her work. Along with fine art commissions, Viv also teaches workshops in ink, foundation drawing and portraits. She has been published five times and established Swirld Books to help produce not only her own books, but to offer publishing assistance to others to help create their own unique book project from manuscript to print.

Linda Tilyard (Masterton)

Multimedia artist

I studied painting and printmaking at Ilam in the late 1980's. I have made and taught art for many years. My work focuses on the environment, people and animals as co-inhabitants; fun and fashion, the surreal and of course women. My focus is not on women as objects of art, but as active narrators or protagonists in my momentary artistic view. I love my profession and delve into the rich history of art and popular culture. Everything in life appears to me to be a journey with questions and letting go attached. This journey is my art.


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